10 Watt Lasers in Physiotherapy


Unique combination of wavelength 980nm along with super pulsed technology with pre set programs for more then 50 treatments make it versatile to be used by any Pain management centre.
It’s wavelength 980nm with highest absorption by water and therefore at equal power it is the wavelength with higher thermal effect.
The temperature increases at the cellular level generated by this radiation stimulates local microcirculation, bringing fuel oxygen to cells.
The application of laser energy at the 980nm wavelength interacts with the peripheral nervous system activating the Gate control mechanism producing a rapid analgesic effect.

Awesome Image
Awesome Image

Fast & effective therapy-

  • Deeper penetration
  • Maximum safety
  • Immediate elimination of pain
  • Effective for wide range of treatments

Biostimulation mechanism-

Repair at cellular level because of production of more ATP to stimulate cellular repair along with release of Nitric oxide for vasodilation .

Long Lasting pain relief-

The mechanical stimulation of free nerve ending blocks pain pathways in the nervous system and bring immediate pain relief.