Laser Proctology Case – Chronic Piles Surgery and quick recovery due to Laser Application

Laser Proctology Case – Chronic Piles Surgery and quick recovery

This is a case of 21 year old male who had complaint of bleeding per rectum for more than 2 years. Got partial relief with oral laxatives and few ayurvedic tablets. Since 6 months he started having pain while defecation with increasing chronic constipation.

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He also had occasional bleeding. He was treated with liq. Crimaffin, Anovate ointment, seitz bath with partial relief. So decided to go for surgery.

Proctology Laser for piles

Surgery was done recently by Dr Shrenik Vaidya (MS-General Surgeon) and was discharged on very next day. Proctology Laser has been used effectively in the entire procedure.

He started to work and attend his factory from the very next day.

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Post operatively he had little bleeding in dressing and while passing stool and little tolerable burning pain which was being taken care by simple analgesic. For last few days he has not taken any analgesic, no bleeding and passing stool normally.
He is very happy with results.

Doctor’s Profile

Dr Shrenik Vaidya MS General Surgeon

I am Dr Shrenik Vaidya MS General Surgeon practising for more than 25 years in city of Vadodara, Gujarat. I am in to field of Thoracic, Trauma and General surgery in addition to stem cell therapy for incurable diseases. For last 1 year I am using laser for proctology in different cases of different degrees of piles, fissure in ano, pilonidal sinus with great results.



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