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The laser is a source of electromagnetic bright radiation. The laser therapy is therefore based on the possibility of providing electromagnetic energy to tissues in the form of photons, with recognized therapeutic effects.
Laser devices are finding increased use in medicine rehabilitation thanks to the solidity of the scientific demonstrations about the biological and therapeutic effects of this form of energy. This has recently given a great impulse to the research for further technical developments, which were referred to the realization of high-power devices, which allow deeper penetration of energy and a more rapid and more enduring effect on the pain, on inflammation and on stimulation of reparative processes.
Moreover, studies conducted in particular by the group of Prof. Karu have shown that within the therapeutic window (the wavelength band that allows the absorption of electromagnetic radiation by the tissues, or 600-1200nm ), the stimulation with different wavelengths reaches and activates selectively different triggering receptors, conse-quently there are different biological effects.

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Optical /therapeutic window-

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Effect of Laser on soft tisse-

  • anti-inflammatory on articulation and muscles
  • analgesic on nerve fibers
  • bio-stimulating and regenerating of soft and connective tissues
  • vasodilator on the microcirculation (thus improves peripheral circulation) anti-inflammatory and anti-edema (you get the resorption of inflammation mediators .

this is multifocal defocusing handpiece used for therapy for various kind of pain management as well for post operative healing.

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  • Pre- set parameters are already given for more then 80 treatments.
  • Machine is portable
  • Super pulsed technology
  • 980nm wavelength
  • Multi-focal handpiece