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Welcome Intense Medical & Dental Systems Limited

Intense Medical & Dental Limited is one of the India's fast growing medical equipment company with a focus to provide high quality medical equipments, after sales service & consumables. We are the team expert professionals continuously working to meet of need of our clients in appropriate manner.

We aim gain a distinct position in healthcare market by giving excellent products & services to customers at competitive prices. Over period of time we have developed excellent relations with most of the key customers in healthcare & dental industry.

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We enhance the value to your practice-

We provide laser tool to enhance the patient experience by providing our superpulsed technology laser.

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Our Speciality

Welcome to the world of lasers- Soft Tissue Diode Lasers are protable easy to use and give tactile sensation while working.


Soft Tissue Diode laser for surgery, whitening and pain management.


Class 4 Diode Laser with trans analgesic effect and healing of tissuesimul taneously.


Diode laser for precise soft tissue surgery without any asoociated damage of tissue.


For complete solution of general surgery.

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Why choose Imdsl India

To be the India's leading health care & dental company, dedicated to innovation, growth & Solutions for tomorrow.

We will attain this position by transforming our experience through a culture of caring, quality, service, innovation and excellence.
IMDSL will be recognized by employees, physicians, patients and the community as the best place to work.

Our mission to provide the most innovative & cost-effective medical & dental care equipments.

Our commitment is to provide best after sales services which include technical & clinical application support.
Ethical & cordial relations with our key stack holders

Mutual trust & respect in our relationships with each other and those we serve in health care and the community.

The highest standards of professional excellence, ethical conduct, integrity and personal responsibility.
A rewarding work environment to ensure we are an "employer of choice".

We you need to buy diode laser from Imdsl India.

  • Dedicated Indian company for dental and medical lasers.
  • Wide range of lasers 6 watt 10 watt 20 watt Dual wavelength 30 watt
  • Initial low investment and low running cost
  • High quality laser with super pulse technology maximum comfort to patients
  • Good service support
  • Good Clinical support
  • 1700 plus installations across India with almost zero down time. Happy customer base
  • Installed in most prestigious colleges and adopted by top clinicians across India.

What else you want. Thinking about laser think about Imdsl Laser

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