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IMDSL- Make in India Laser Company

Intense Medical & Dental Limited (IMDSL) proudly stands as one of India’s most rapidly advancing companies in the realm of medical equipment, exhibiting a dedicated commitment to the provision of top-tier medical equipment, impeccable after-sales services, and essential consumables. Our journey is deeply rooted in a qualified team of professionals who continually strive to fulfill the diverse needs of our valued clients with precision and excellence.

At IMDSL, our overarching mission is to carve out a distinctive and formidable presence within the dynamic healthcare market. We aspire to achieve this goal by offering exceptional products and services in the specialized domain of Medical Lasers, all while maintaining a competitive pricing strategy. As a result of our unwavering dedication, we have fostered strong and enduring relationships with a multitude of key players in the healthcare industry, including those in the fields of Dentistry, Proctology, Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT), Physiotherapy, Gynecology and various surgical departments.

IMDSL is not only recognized proudly by employees but also leading surgeons, dentist, physicians, patients and the community as the best place of innovation and medical technology.

Our company is carving the speciality in Diode Laser and other superior technologies making healthcare procedures easier for Doctors and comfortable for Patients.

What sets IMDSL apart is our comprehensive approach to empowering medical and dental professionals. In-house training facilities equipped with cutting-edge resources ensure that these experts are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to excel in their respective fields.

Moreover, IMDSL boasts a state-of-the-art repair center dedicated to servicing not only lasers but also an extensive array of medical and dental equipment, ensuring their optimal performance and longevity.

Our commitment to exceptional customer care extends beyond the initial purchase. IMDSL has diligently established a vast and intricate after-sales service network that spans the entirety of India. This network enables us to promptly address the evolving needs of our customers, ensuring that their equipment operates at peak efficiency and that their patients receive the highest standard of care.

IMDSL takes immense pride in our innovative approach, pioneering advancements in the Surgical Laser category. Our visionary leadership continuously steers us towards uncharted territories, driving progress and shaping the future of medical equipment solutions in India. We are dedicated to pushing boundaries, striving for excellence, and, most importantly, enhancing the overall quality of healthcare in the nation.

Join us on our journey as we revolutionize the healthcare landscape, one laser beam at a time. IMDSL: Setting the standard in Surgical Laser innovation and excellence.

Our Speciality

Welcome to the world of lasers- Soft Tissue Diode Lasers are portable easy to use and give tactile sensation while working.

Super Pulsed Technology

It penetrates deeply into target tissues and stimulates blood microcirculation.

Best Clinical Support

Expert Training and continuous upgradation.

Heavy Duty Diode

Diode laser for precise soft tissue surgery without any associated damage of tissue.

Diode Laser Calibration

Calibration for complete solution of dental & general surgery.

Pre set Parameters

Preset Parameters are available according to Indian Patients.

Versatile Wavelength

Versatile Wavelength of Lasers for multiple procedures

IMDSL Laser Solutions

IMDSL has developed the lasers that are useful in Dentistry, Proctology, ENT and Physiotherapy, Orthopedic, Cosmetic Gynecology and other healthcare procedures. Our Lasers are performing and setting up a benchmark of 100% satisfaction.

Dental Lasers

Dental Laser makes dental procedures easy & extends maximum comfort to your patients.

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Laser in Proctology

Laser Proctology treatment heals haemorrhoids & also minimises post-operative pain.
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Laser in E.N.T

ENT Lasers provides the best cutting efficiency & excellent coagulation in all procedures.

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Physiotherapy Lasers

Class 4 laser therapy has become a standard of care for many musculoskeletal injuries.

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Lasers for PLDD (Orthopedic)

PLDD is proven to be a safe, effective & minimally invasive treatment modality.

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Cosmetic Gynecology

Laser-assisted Surgery Procedures can enhance the aesthetic appearance of the vaginal region.

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