Laser in case of Fistula in ANO- Use of Proctology Laser

Use of Proctology Laser in Fistula

Anal fistula is a small tunnel, which connects an infected cavity in the anus or an abscess, to an opening on the skin around anus. Inside the anus, there are numerous glands which are responsible for creating fluids. When these glands and abscesses get clogged due to:

  1. Trauma
  2. Crohen’s disease
  3. Tuberculosis
  4. Radiations of chemotherapy related to cancer
  5. Sexually transmitted diseases
  6. Diverticulitis

It results in Anal Fistula.

fistulas- described by graphics

There are lot of ways through which it can be diagnosed. Usually, it involves looking for the fistula track, how deep it is and in which direction it is going. In lot of cases, there is drainage from the external opening.

Some fistulas are not visible on the skin surface. In that case, it will include some other tests like anoscopy and ultrasound or MRI of your anal area.

Surgery is a necessary solution with the goal of maintaining the balance between getting rid of the fistula while protecting anal sphincter muscles, which can cause fecal incontinence if damaged.

There is another technique that can also be used to cure it, which is laser closure. In this, a diode laser emitting laser of 12W at a wavelength of 1470 is used.

Use of Proctology Laser is considered more beneficial than normal surgery because conventional methods take lot of time. And the pain during these surgeries is quite high with considerable blood loss. That is why Laser Treatments for Fistula have emerged as a boon to the patients. It provides speedy recovery to the patient. Not only that, there is no chance of cross-contamination and it offers versatility.

Patient doesn’t need to go to the doctor’s office for frequent visits. It also provides excellent cutting and coagulation by limiting thermal damage to the surrounding tissues which leads to reduction in post-operative pain.

Laser treatments are less invasive and are less complicated. They are affordable and provide a sense of satisfaction to the patients.

Proctology Laser for fistula

Laser treatment with fistula offers several benefits over conventional surgery.

For simple fistula tract only proctology laser can be used at 12 W power delivering 100 joule /cm to close the tract.

In case of Complex fistula, Laser is used in combination with Closing the internal opening with suture and lower end of fistula can be lased.

This combination method not only yields better results but decreases the chances of Reoccurrence, post-operative pain and healing.

Proctology Laser for Fistula

In Ano rectal surgery, surgeons can choose 980nm, 1470nm or 980nm + 1470nm ( combination) wavelength to operate.

980nm wavelength preferably works on pigment while 1470nm works effectively in water and combination is used to target all three chromophores( Haemoglobin, Melanin & water).

So, in the conclusion, Laser operations are the best methods that can be used for curing anal fistula and have better healthcare.


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