Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment by Low-Level Physiotherapy Laser

Carpal tunnel syndrome-related pain and numbness can be brutal and incapacitating. Patients are unable to effectively complete any personal or professional tasks due to this major problem.

Despite the fact that there are numerous invasive surgical treatments available, many CTS patients try a variety of traditional medical treatments without much success.


IMDSL is advocating “low-level laser therapy” in this instance as a less intrusive alternative to Carpal Tunnel Surgery. Pain and soft tissue injuries are treated repeatedly with this non-thermal laser.

It alludes to the application of a “red-beam” that resembles infrared lasers. Because human tissues only absorb a small amount of the substance, applying it to the skin has no sensational or burning effects on the skin or the tissue around it.

Low-Level Physiotherapy Laser uses laser light to stimulate the body’s tissues by thoroughly penetrating the skin.

Physiotherapy Laser- Tejas – TPhysiotherapy-laser-class-4

Its mechanism of action involves stimulating the immunological, lymphatic, and circulatory systems to enhance cellular healing. Although difficult to verify, this can only be evaluated based on the outcomes. In light of this, carpal solution therapy and cold laser therapy may be result oriented


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