How to choose Proctology Laser for you?

Hemorrhoids, anal fissures, and various anorectal fistulae are benign anorectal disorders that cause serious problems for many people in our nation. According to certain western studies, more than 80% of people worldwide experience benign anorectal problems at some point in their lives.
These ailments are all as old as human civilisation itself.


Hemorrhoids, fissures, and fistulas continue to have a substantial influence on patients’ lives and are frequently encountered in clinical settings across specialties as benign anorectal illness. While anorectal abscess and fistulas are primarily treated surgically, haemorrhoids and fissures generally respond to non-operative care but occasionally necessitate surgery.

Surgeons around the world are still struggling to provide the best surgical treatment of these anorectal conditions. All these diseases are blamed for its recurrence even when the surgery is done in highly specialized centers. Some procedures increase the morbidity especially when aggressive surgical.

Procedures are attempted, i.e. incontinence after fistula surgery, large perianal wound in sinus tract excision. Role of many non-surgical methods in treating benign anorectal diseases to reduce the morbidity is well established. Injection sclerotherapy and banding in hemorrhoids, set on in fistula etc. are still in use.

Vital Lase - P (15W-980nm)-HD-980nm wavelength 

Diode laser in Proctology offers various benefits over any day to day treatment. Diode laser offers versatility, multifunctional equipment which is portable and require minimum maintenance.

Proctology laser-1470nm

How to choose Proctology Laser for your practice

Diode laser can be used for Laser tissue ablation, sterilization, coagulation and soft tissue cutting.Now there are several diode laser manufacturers and suppliers in market. How to choose laser for your practice and how to calculate the recurrence cost & maintenance cost of the machine.

  1. Tough & Sturdy machine remain stable in Indian harsh condition without any thermal breakdown.
  2. No fiber locking system
  3. Low reoccurrence cost for disposable item
  4. Service should be readily available
  5. Wavelength available in market are 980nm , 1470nm , 980nm + 1470nm
  6. Spare parts availability
  7. Technical support
  8. Diode capacity should be always more to increase life of machine.
  9. Optical fiber cable with radial and conical tips are mostly used in 4-5 patients maximum, remaining fiber can always be utilized as bare fiber for other treatments.
  10. Laser machine should be calibrated after using it for 2 year followed by once in a year.
  11. Updated software so that laser can be used in various department like, EVLT, lipolysis, PLDD, LVR, ENT.

Benefits of using Diode laser in proctology

  1. Day care treatment
  2. Minimal anesthesia
  3. No chance of cross infection
  4. Minimal invasive surgery
  5. No scar
  6. No post- operative discomfort
  7. Faster recovery
  8. No side effect
  9. Least reoccurrence
  10. Fewer visits to doctor after visit
  11. Anal sphincter action is well preserved
  12. Low risk of prolapse

  In case of preset parameter in most of machine, power delivered and energy is mostly set.

This works on formula

     P = E/T   

Power ( watt)

Energy ( joule )

Time  ( Sec)



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