Laser teeth whitening(Laser Bleaching)

Your smile is one of the first thing people notice about you and it distinguish your character,This is why a healthy smile is so important .Teeth whitening has become more & more popular as men and women seek for that celebrity smile. In today’s society, whitening your teeth is a very popular cosmetic procedure that is non-invasive and creates a beautiful white smile that is very attractive. When people begin to age, it is natural for their teeth to darken when the mineral structures within their teeth begin altering. This occurs from smoking, as well as consuming foods or liquids that could cause stains on the teeth. Laser teeth whitening could help provide a solution for some of these problems.

What is Laser Teeth Whitening?

Laser teeth whitening, which is often called power whitening, is one of the most common ways to solve the problem of discolored teeth. In recent years, this procedure has grown in popularity because it is safe and it will not cause damage to the patient’s gums or the structure of the tooth. Because people are unable to do this procedure within their own homes, they must turn to their dentists. At this point, their dentist will determine which type of whitening procedure is most appropriate for them.
At the beginning of the procedure, the patient has a rubber dam placed inside their mouth so their gums receive protection. Then, a layer of bleaching gel is applied to their teeth that contain natural pH levels. The next step is the gel for the laser, and which causes the mineral accelerant held within it to activate. This causes the whitening gel to transform into oxygen. At this point it covers the tooth’s enamel and allows the whitening gel to become penetrated into the tooth’s lower levels so teeth whiten. It is possible for teeth to look up to between five to six shades brighter with laser whitening. The purpose of the laser is to speed up the process of whitening through its interaction with the gel that causes the whitening to occur. It typically takes about one hour for the procedure.

What Can Patients Expect From Laser Teeth Whitening?

One of the biggest advantages of laser teeth whitening is that, from beginning to end, the entire procedure takes about one hour before noticeable differences are seen. Laser teeth whitening is not recommended for people who have receding gums, sensitive teeth, or other severe problems with their teeth. It is also not recommended that women who are pregnant, or people who are sixteen years old or younger.
It is also possible that the patient’s teeth may come out whiter than they believed they would be. This is not a long-term problem due to the fact that laser teeth whitening does not have permanent results. With that in mind, some stains could resurface that could require additional laser treatments to be required. This, of course, leads to further expenses. The immediate results, however, are worth the investment.


Non-invasive- The chemical used along with laser teeth whitening are used in minimal amount which doesn’t causes any irritation and gum bleeding .There are no after affects of laser teeth whitening. it is a safe,gentle and done with expert hands. Therefore it saves us from inappropriate over the counter bleaching products used at home which can be too abrasive and can cause damage to the enamel.

Immediate & Faster results- After single sitting with laser visible changes is seen. Teeths are immediately several shades whiter

Quick & painless procedure- This treatment is performed inside dental clinic and it is completed in single is quick and painless. on the other hand the products like whitening strips and powders take longer time and they are more slow and contains abrasive

Efficacy- It is highly effective method as it increases the efficiency of chemical used to produce more of nascent oxygen to remove stains at molecular level.

Safety- The procedure is completely safe as precautions are taken by your dental specialist such as rubber dam, cheek retractor, neutralizing gel .

Increase your self confidence- Smile beautifully with Confidence .



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